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Which one is out? image
July 10, 2024

Which one is out?

Hi, Farlanders!🤗

Can you spot which piece doesn't belong?

Drop your answer in the comments below. The more answers, the better the gift on Thursday!😎

What benefits does the Golden Pass offer? image
July 04, 2024

What benefits does the Golden Pass offer?

👍Exclusive Rewards: Enjoy rare items, special decorations, unique crops or animals, and extra in-game currency.

Boosted Progression: Experience faster avatar movement, increased resource production, and reduced waiting times.

Limited Availability: The Golden Pass is often seasonal or time-limited, adding a special touch to your gameplay.

Purchasing the Golden Pass is entirely optional. We’re dedicated to providing a great game experience for everyone.

Enjoy the game!💜

Contest time image
July 03, 2024

Contest time

Hi, Farlanders! Are you ready for a new contest? 🤗

We have 3 pictures, but only one has the missing details.

Post your answer (just the letter) in the comments below. Click on the pic for a better view!

The MORE correct answers – the BIGGER the reward!