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Coral Isle 2


the story continues! image
July 12, 2024

the story continues!

Which of these facts is false?

  1. William is a judge
  2. He appears in episode 7
  3. When he was on the island, he went a little crazy
  4. Despite his determination and fight for justice, William is actually kind
  5. He is pragmatic and rational
  6. He always stands in defense of justice
  7. William is a distant relative of Tuku
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July 11, 2024

Contest reward

Hey there Islanders!

Go take your gift for participating in battle 👉

Write in the comments if you got the NOODLES😉

Battle of resources! image
July 08, 2024

Battle of resources!

Hello Islanders! Vote for which resource you would like to get more of!

Rice or Noodles?

Let's check who will win already on Wednesday